Apparently the forecasters have predicted that we’re in for a pretty sizable snow storm here in Colorado.  Which means one of two things:
  1. the weather man is spot on and here in the Denver area, we will receive the predicted amount of 4-8 inches of snow.  Or...
  2. we wake up to a dusting and it will be 40 by the time morning recess comes around
{my fingers & toes are crossed for #1 because if #2 happens, it just makes for a big mess in the morning}

We are all ready for Christmas in room 5!  The Littles made shopping lists in Home Center.  I let them cut catalogs and the weekly circulars to help them make their shopping lists.  It was really very cute!

We also made pattern candy canes, Santa, Santa! pictures, manger scenes, and worked out of my latest Holiday Fun mini pack. 

We had a visitor show up this week too.  Frosty!  He hung out with Antonio for the first day and then joined in on our fun.

We took our annual trip on the Polar Express. What a fun pajama day it was!  We sorted, counted and graphed red & green m&ms, did some Polar Express writing, and made trains {from Deanna Jump’s Polar Express pack}.

 Yummy!  Hot chocolate with whip cream and a peppermint stick!

 Gingerbread men were made.

We put our name in lights.

 And practiced for our Christmas Program.



  1. Your class surely has been busy! :) Love all the activities you've been up to! I am crossing my fingers for snow, too. After the Holiday Program tonight I am just beat!

    Here's hoping...

    Fun in PreK-1

  2. Found you from Katie's post and hoping to win your pizza pack. :) Cute pics - you've had a busy, fun week or so!
    Your newest follower - Lisa
    Growing Firsties


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