Hello Rain, Goodbye Books

I went to my classroom this morning. The sun shining. The temperature beginning to rise.  Just working away at organizing the kagillion trade books that I have acquired over the years. after about 3 hours, my stomach began to rumble with hunger so I thought I'd better call it quits for the day. Tomorrow's another day....I will catalogue titles, cross reference what I have at home, check who borrowed and collect, etc. At least that's what I thought. 

I was back home happily enjoying my ham and cheese sandwich. Then the thunder rolled in and the flood gates opened.  It started out raining cats and dogs.  Then within minutes it turned into elephants and hippos.  I received a call from a staff member at the school's summer camp.  She broke the news that the first floor of the school had been flooded and that my classroom had at least three inches of water on the floor.  I rushed up to the school in the downpour.  This is what I walked into:

Thank God my 15 year old son is as sweet as he is!  He helped me move 17 piles of wet books into a dry room.  I could only snap these few shots of the the piles of lost books through my tears:

You can imagine the heartbreak I felt as I called my principal in tears.  He assured me that the insurance would pay for them all.   Still, my heart aches for my lost books.