Snow and Holy Sugar Show

I jumped out of bed this morning at 5:30 and ran to the window anticipating the ground to be covered and flakes to be falling...very slowly I pulled the shutters open just enough to get a tiny peek.  And what to my wondering eyes should appear???

NOT A SINGLE SNOWFLAKE HAD HIT THE GROUND!!!  Oh, the disappointment that I felt.  I mumbled and stumbled and I cursed the meteorologist.  There was nothing left to do except get ready for I did.

I continued to sulk as I made my way to the kitchen to get my morning cup of goodness.  I peeked out again just hoping to see even the tiniest of flakes falling.  At this point ANYTHING would make me happy!  And I smiled.  A huge smile.  In a matter of thirty minutes the sky had dropped nearly two inches of white, fluffy, beautiful snow!

The kids came in snow-crazy {which I love}!!!  Red little cheeks and noses, clomping down the steps in boots that swallow them.  SO.EXCITED.FOR.SNOW!

We gathered with our Eighth Grade Buddies and made gingerbread houses.  HOLY SUGAR SHOW!  The aroma of chocolate, frosting, peppermint, cinnamon, filled the hallway!  I’m not sure who had more fun, the kindergarteners or the Eighth Graders.  Antonio even made a cardboard gingerbread house to share with us.  

As the snow keeps falling, I cant help but think that this has been one AWESOME day! 


  1. Oh my goodness! So pretty. I wouldn't mind a little bit of snow, but it's 63 degrees here...I don't think it's going to happen. So how much snow does it take for you all to have a snow day and be out of school? Two inches would cripple us for a week here!