You Know You're a Kindergarten Teacher When:

~ you find plastic bugs and marbles in the bottom of your washer
~ you look forward to the next pajama day more than the kids do
~ you get super excited to open the new pack of multi-colored Sharpies
~ you laugh out loud at a the "why did the kids cross the playground?" joke....(answer: to get to the other SLIDE.... : )
~ you have a stack of heartfelt notes that read: Yu r the bst tchr i evr had, with lots of pink flowers and a big smiling sun
~ you have a pair of socks and a coffee mug to go with every theme unit
~ you base your car purchase on how many Rubbermaid tubs full of books will fit in the back
~ you LOVE the Magic School Bus and wish you could be as cool as "The Friz"
~ during "rest-time" you feel like you are in a live version of Whack-a-Mole (but without the banger thing), because you are continually telling the kids "put your head down"
~ you have actually told a child to not lick their shoes
~ you LOVE a brand new, freshly opened box of Crayola crayons
~ your husband, on more than one occasion as asked you kindly to not treat him like a kindergartener (even though he's acting like one)
~ last, but surly not least, you can't imagine your life without having the most rewarding job in the world being a KINDERGARTEN TEACHER

Describing the Sun

Painted Rocket Ships & Name Rocket Blocks

Pattern Block Rockets and Space Stations

More and Less Stars in the Sky

Space Unit

We spent the past week learning about space.  I usually do two full weeks, but our sparing break came early this year (I'm not complaining).  We began with Papa, please get the moon for me.  They made these cute pictures that tell the story.  Some I let them choose the phase of the moon to cut out of a paper plate.

I was so sad when I came into my classroom on Monday morning and found our class frogs, Chester and Clarice had been napped right out of their cozy aquarium.  When the kiddos came in, they were so upset that they made "Lost" signs to hang around the school.  Here is one example.
I teach kindergarten in a Catholic school, so my question is this:  Who in the world would snatch two little frogs from kindergarteners?  What is this world coming to?  And, so much for sharing my classroom with what is supposed to be Religious Education!  HUMPH!!!
After the shock wore off from the case of the missing frogs, a few of the girls decided they needed to make these signs and barricade Bugsy {our guinea pig} from any harm.

These kiddos wrote all morning!  I guess if it takes a tragedy to get 'em writing, I could stage a little Shakespeare for them next week!   : )

My First Official Blog!

Wow!  I can't believe I am actually here!  And what I mean by here is - blogging.  I never thought I would have the time or know exactly what to 'blog' about.  But, after reading several other blogs, that I should just go ahead and admit that I am hooked on, I told myself that I CAN DO IT too!'s to the beginning of my world of blogging!  Cheers!