Apples & Native American Day with a Side of Jury Duty and Homecoming....what???

It's Apple Season.
And I love apple season!
Sight Word Apple Tree

Counting Apple Seeds

 SmartBoard group work.

 Alphabet Apple Match

Native American Celebration in the Hallway

I knew I had jury duty....yay!
But didn't think I would be Juror #12...UGH!
Two days away from my littles...during apple season.... :(

Luckily our Learning Lab Coordinator was available to take my class.  She's awesome and it looks like they had a BLAST!  I was so glad to hear how much they missed me from all of their parents on conference day {yesterday}.

Apple Measurement & Apple Prints
 And finally...Applesauce!!!

Homecoming 2012
This is Christopher and his data {aka girlfriend} Corey.  Aren't they just adorable!  And this is Christopher and AndrĂ©.  They have been the best of friends since they were littles ; )