Dinosaurs {Their FAVORITE Unit}

We started our Dinosaur unit last week.  And can I just say this was A GINORMOUS hit!!!
These paleontologists worked so hard and cooperated nicely during our learning centers!  Here are a few things we completed this week.

Composing sentences about dinosaurs.

Searched for prehistoric words that were 5 letters or less and also dinosaur names with 6 or more letters.
this came from my very dear friend Alessia Albanese's Dinosaur Writing the Room Activities.  She also has an incredible Dinosaur Literacy and Math Unit that we used during our learning centers.  

 Here I took some plastic dinosaur fossils and buried them in a tub of pea gravel.  These kids had so much fun digging and searching for the fossils.

 We used the fabulous Danielle Kroger's Dinosaur Math Unit to help us make 10.  The kids had a blast using the mini dinosaur erasers as counters.  Thanks Danielle!!!

The kids had SO.MUCH.FUN. using Marsha Mcguire's I-Spy Prehistoric Sight Word activity!  We used the first two mats which are the first two Dolce word lists.  I can't wait to introduce the next two lists next week!  They used magnifying glasses to search for words throughout the work mats.  Any you know, anytime to give kids magnifying glasses there is fun (and learning) to be had!

In this center the Littles had to crack open the "dinosaur" egg, say the number, 
and record the correct tally marks to match.  
(also from Danielle Kroger's Dinosaur Math Unit)

Once the Littles finished their learning center they got to explore using real fossils and rocks with miniature dinosaurs.  I think they thought they had hit the jackpot!!!

I was out on Thursday and Friday because I had to have some dental word done.
We will be continuing our Dinosaur unit this week!  
Have a wonderful week friends!

Oh, The Weather Outside IS Frightful

Howdy friends!
Winter has struck the Littles in room 5!
It was so cold here we were unable to go outside for recess for nearly 3 whole days {YIKES}!  Needless to say we had plenty to keep us busy.  Here are the past two weeks in pictures.

What Comes Next number/counting activity

Making new words using the letters from SNOWMEN and Label the Snowman
{from Cara Carroll's Frosty & Friends and Deedee Wills' Writing Workstation Complete Set}

They LOVE puzzles!
The Snowman's Buttons math book

Penguin Pattern Book {from Growing Kinders}and Fingerprint Penguins

Eskimo Vowel Sort

My Pet Penguin writing and chalk drawing

Penguins Can...

Pattern Block Snowflakes

Winter Senses mini book

Picture Crossword Puzzle and Label the Snowman Cut & Glue

I started sending home a Family Book Report each week with the library book they choose.  They are doing such a wonderful job!

When I saw this post from the First Grade Parade last year, I just knew my Littles could handle this Snowmen at Night craftivity and writing activity.  I just LOVE their art work!

Completed My Pet Penguin activity

Completed fingerprint penguins

Winter Window Scene

On top of all of this fun, we had assessments and parent teacher conferences.  Whew!  You just can't skip a beat when you are a kindergarten teacher!

Finally...I hit the jackpot at the Target Dollar Spot!!!  
Planning for February is going to be SO.MUCH.FUN with all of this good stuff!

Our Dinosaur unit starts tomorrow {CUH-RAZY learning goes on during this unit}.  So hands on and an absolute blast to teach!