Who's In?

How many of you opened up your mailbox 
this week and found this little gem?

Now how many of your jaws hit the floor when you looked at the $cost$?  I shoved it aside knowing full-well Mr. Hubby wouldn't approve since the priority in my house this summer is the landscaping and a new fence. And there is ZERO, ZILTCH, NADA, in the PD budget at school.
However, Mr. Hubby brought the above little gem to the family room and asked if I wanted to go?  
Um, hold on, who was this man? 
And "DUH" that's a no brainer!!!  
He had the idea that I put in Bloggyland an offer to other K teachers that are dying would like to go, to share the quad room cost {savings of about $98 per night} and the team of 3+ registration {saving almost $30}.  Now if my calculations are correct, this would give us an additional $300+ to spend at the Exhibit Hall in our pockets {wink wink}.

Just something to think about. Contact me if you are interested in having a meet-up at the LARGEST meet-up.

Happy Monday Friends

Space Wrap Up, Lucky's Visit, Chocolate, CELEBRATION Time!

Yes folks, this post is long and loaded with pictures.  
Sit back with a glass of tea or a cup of joe and enjoy.

Space ship, space ship!
Take me away!

Pattern Block Space Creations

I had the kids create these drawings the first morning of our unit.  When they entered the classroom, I had the solar system hanging from the ceiling {pics below}.  All I asked them to do was illustrate what they knew about our solar system.  Pretty amazing drawings.  I just LOVE my kids!!!

Hard at work

Inflatable Solar System from Learning Resources

Back here on Earth, we enjoyed our CUH-RAZY abnormal warm March on the playground.

Did I mention that I LOVE these kids?!?!?!

St. Patrick's Day Fun

Painting our Rainbows
Making crepe paper clouds and rainbows 
.....and eating Skittles.
Lucky the Leprechaun left us a surprise along with instructions.  We had to add 8 cups of milk {he obviously shops at Kroger since on of my Littles mentioned that she gets the same 2% milk that he left}, into the dry powder.  It magically turned GREEN, then we all had to take a turn shaking the mix up while we repeated this chant:

Leprechaun, Leprechaun
Shamrocks seen.
Magic powder

We put the mix back into the fridge to cool, then enjoyed the treat {pistachio pudding} after lunch.

Think BIG! Eat SMART!
World's Finest Chocolate stopped at St. Pius X last week along their national tour.  They talked with the kids about eating smart and staying active.  When eating a chocolate bar the suggested rule is eat one part, share one part, and save the last part for another day.
HMMMMM, I don't know about you!  But when it comes to eating a chocolate bar there 

Here are my kids getting their groove on.

Here is the world's LARGEST chocolate bar.
A TON of chocolate here before us {and during Lent for crying out loud-talk about temptation} - YIKES!

And finally...I am very proud to say that 
all the marbles have been earned this year!  Which means we will celebrate tomorrow with a scrumdiddlyumptious root beer float party {with toppings}.  Pictures of the celebration to follow.

Have a terrific week friends! 
A week and a half until spring break!
{but who's counting}