Antonio, the Sun, and a Mini Packet

Antonio has been working wonders in Room 5!  That is since the sad letter he left on Wednesday.  The kids came in so Pius {fitting since we are St. Pius X School}.  They didn’t have a hard time finding him on Thursday.  He was happily zip-lining but stuck right over my table.  Oh how the kids were terribly concerned that I might accidentally bump into him and then POOF his magic would be gone.

 He left this note and a bag full of Elf Kisses as a treat for them.  They were so happy!!!
On another note...take a look at this beautiful Colorado sunrise!
The sky was on fire Thursday Morning. I love Colorado sunrises!

Back to Antonio.  Friday morning proved how hard Antonio works when we are away at night!  He put together this Christmas paper chain {200 links}, and it was nicely hung all around the SmartBoard, and he was perched nicely on top to keep watch over the Littles. 

I can’t wait to see what this little elf will come up with this week!!! 

 Finally.  Christopher had the honor of meeting professional soccer player, Roger Espinoza.  He played in the MLS league for the Kansas City Wizards, in the Olympics for the Honduran National Team, and just signed with Wigan Athletic {English Premier League}.  

What an honor for Christopher to meet and talk soccer with such an accomplished young man! 
Here is my latest mini packet that I just posted this weekend to TpT.  

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