Okay, I need you to close your eyes and picture this...

1. The face of the earth
2. Me
3. Me hanging by a thread off the face of the earth

So on to what's been happening in the classroom. Seeds, plants, ocean, insects, and field day.
(be prepared lots and lots and lots of pictures)

One of my past families came to visit.  I had all three of the kids and they are wonderfully unforgettable. The momma of the fab three started her own business.  She is a fantastic cook and makes THE best desserts.  I was very honored to find out that she named one of her desserts after me.
(made me cry on the spot)  

In other news.  Christopher's soccer team got the Wild Card in the State Cup.  He (and my money) are going to Hawaii for 8 WHOLE days in June. Lucky DAWG!!! 
School is almost over. Only 10 days left in this school year.  I'm still baffled by where the time goes.  I suppose it's true what they say, time sure does fly when you're having fun.  And we've had a ton of fun this year!