A Little of This, and a Whole Lot of THAT! (catch up)

YAY!  I’m back.  It seems like forever since I’ve posted.  Let’s see, there was Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Las Vegas Tournament, Cyber Monday, Pizza, and a funeral for a dear friend’s dad.

So, I guess it really hasn’t been forever, just a very.long.two.weeks!

Let’s get down to business.  Christopher and I spent our Thanksgiving in Las Vegas for a Showcase Tournament.  My sweet hubby stayed back for work {he has a very big adventure in front of him...more on that later}  So, I was one of four parent chaperones on the trip.  They all nominated me to be “the boss” of eighteen 16/17 year old boys...on the strip.  Turned out, our boys were well behaved and had a great night out.

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This is my kindergarten picture.  Eons ago.  I adored my teacher, Mrs. Reising.  Good times were had!  We had a big read carpet where we would gather and she played the piano, we finger painted, and had a to-die-for home center.  Mrs. Reising, (I know you’re in heaven) THANK YOU!  I became a teacher because of you!!!

The week after Thanksgiving and before Advent and all things Christmas, I do a Pizza Unit.  I love pizza!  We had a great time this week.  All activities here (and then some) can be found in my unit.  We will be making our pizza on Monday.  I didn't think I would get the sub ever again if I put this on her plate on a Friday afternoon.

This little guy made his into a headband : )

I Have...Who Has (love these faces)

Smellykin is really not so smelly anymore...although I could (should) have tossed him out long ago, I really enjoy seeing the changes.  And still love hearing the kiddos describing Smellykin.  Here is his progress:

The week before Thanksgiving my high school and college roommate called with the news that her father had been put in hospice.  We immediately jumped in the car.  Growing up, this man was always around to drive us to the mall, to the movies, or would bring us pizza when we were cramming for exams.  My friend’s son and Christopher are also the same age, so he was like a second grandpa.  It was a hard day.

I explained to my kiddos that I would be out for the afternoon because I had to go to a funeral.  One little sweetie came up to me and this was our conversation: 

Sweetie: “Ms. Solano say it again, what is a funeral?”
Me: “When someone dies people gather at the church to celebrate that special person.”
Sweetie: “So will he ever come back?”
Me: “No honey, he’s in heaven with God watching over us now.”
Sweetie:...after a long pause with confusion in her voice... “Hmmm, that’s really not good.”  

She gently tapped my arm and skipped back to her table.

I love my kids!  I know I can always count on them to cheer me up and warm my heart.

I’ll be back next week (pinky promise) as our Elf will be making his debut in room 5.


  1. Oh, you Kindergarten teachers make me want to teach Kinder!! Adorable activities!! :) You were sooo cute, what a sweet little face! Thanks for linking up!!!

    Second Grade Sparkle

  2. Saw your link & I linked up too!

    I gave up on our pumpkin - the stench got to me, kudos to you for stickin' it out {it looks cool}!!