Antonio and Some Craftivities

Antonio has been in Room 5 now for a total of 3 days.  It didn’t take too long for a sad, tearful, poor little elf.  When they arrived this morning they immediately searched the room for Antonio to make sure he didn’t run to Santa and ask to be re-assigned.  It didn’t take them long to spot him sitting right on top of the learning cart.  How could you miss the huge finger pointing at this sad note and Antonio?  I read it aloud...there was silence.  You could have heard a pin drop.  

Let's just say the previous day was not such a fantastic day.  So, the candy that grew from the “magic seeds” that Antonio left on the first day, stayed firmly planted in the container of “magic dust”.  The Littles were sad, but most of them knew why.  It was interesting to hear them verbalize just what happened throughout the day.  I told them that they really needed to try to use kinder words with each other, be good helpers, follow instructions, etc.  Bottom line it was a BAD.DAY!

One Little said, “Ms. Solano, I know why the note is not in color like his first one.”  {I was a little nervous because I printed this at school, no color printer here}  I said “Hmmm, I didn’t even notice this.  But I am interested in hearing why you think this.”  She said “It’s because he’s sad and when I’m sad I don’t feel very colorful.” {WHEW and WHAT!?!  This child is for sure a deep thinker!  LOVE IT!

 I agreed and told them all we need to try our best to bring some happy color back to Antonio.  We had a FANTASTIC day!!!  
All is good in the world tonight for the Littles in Room 5.

We've also been making reindeer and poinsettia flowers.

I use this new app  on my phone Pic Collage to make these evergreen trees, ornament wreaths, and the decorated trees are part of the monthly Family Projects that I send home.  

Happy Wednesday Friends!


  1. I love the story about the non-color ink note. So cute.

    I'm going to have to check out that pic collage app. I wanna make fancy schmancy collages!


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