Who's In?

How many of you opened up your mailbox 
this week and found this little gem?

Now how many of your jaws hit the floor when you looked at the $cost$?  I shoved it aside knowing full-well Mr. Hubby wouldn't approve since the priority in my house this summer is the landscaping and a new fence. And there is ZERO, ZILTCH, NADA, in the PD budget at school.
However, Mr. Hubby brought the above little gem to the family room and asked if I wanted to go?  
Um, hold on, who was this man? 
And "DUH" that's a no brainer!!!  
He had the idea that I put in Bloggyland an offer to other K teachers that are dying would like to go, to share the quad room cost {savings of about $98 per night} and the team of 3+ registration {saving almost $30}.  Now if my calculations are correct, this would give us an additional $300+ to spend at the Exhibit Hall in our pockets {wink wink}.

Just something to think about. Contact me if you are interested in having a meet-up at the LARGEST meet-up.

Happy Monday Friends


  1. I would love to go, but the flight from Florida plus the conference fee is too much :(

  2. Hi Tanya! I am planning to go since my sweet hubby said I could! Of course we should be spending money on other things too, but he knows that teaching is my passion...okay obsession! Right now I am planning on flying out on Tuesday morning and leaving late Wednesday. I would only need to stay one night and pay for 2 days registration. Like you, I can't believe the cost! If I could save some $ on the room, I could probably stay 2 nights. I'm not sure how the group registration works. Let's talk some more and I hope other bloggers respond to your post. For sure I would love to meet up with you and other bloggers!
    My home e-mail is cvance1111@aol.com

  3. Tanya, I am a weak maybe. Your husband is brilliant and his idea would save us a bundle. BUT it would still be pricey. It would also depend on whether or not I am assigned to kinder next year.
    An Open Door

  4. I am jealous of anyone who will get to go! I've wanted to go for a few years now, but it's just too pricey. Someday....someday

    Kindergarten Hoppenings

  5. Hi Tanya!

    I actually booked the conference a couple of weeks back (yippee!). My School Board is paying for the conference portion of the trip and since I had to pay airfare and hotel, my husband is coming too so we can make a mini-vacation out of it! I'm going to be there Tuesday - Sunday so if you'd like to get together for dinner/drinks we should arrange something. Deedee Wills and I were in touch last week about this too. Deanna Jump is in as well and I think Heidi (from HeidiSongs) too. Let me know and we will all touch base in the next couple of months. I'm soooo excited! Hope you will be able to come! (If anything, bring your husband and perhaps he can hang out with mine during the day - ha!)

    ΡΌ Alessia
    Mrs. Albanese’s Kindergarten Class


  6. Hey Tanya! I'm also a K teacher over at Kindergarten Khronicles. I was wondering if I could get your email for a possible giveaway in the works with Can Do Kinders? I'll send you all the details!