Playing Catch-Up

Whew!  It's been a whirlwind around here.  First off I caught some kind of crud that's made it's way through the classroom {could it be that we didn't get ANY moisture for weeks on end and the warm wind has been stirring up the crud?}  Second, I was on the Accreditation Team for a sister school of ours and I was out 3 days for that.  There goes a whole week.  Yikes!  Needless to say I've been playing catch-up. 

We filled the marble jar.  CELEBRATION TIME!  COME ON!
That called for a Root Beer float party.

 Plants, plants, plants.  
The kids got to choose between sunflowers, lima beans, and popcorn.  They had to put them in a baggy and watch and record the changes that took place over a week.

Illustrated math journal entries throughout the week.

 Math Centers

"It matches my sweatshirt" 
"I'm playing my guitar"

Making Patterns

Rhyming Mama and Baby Bees

"Yep they all rhyme!"

Reading a self-made spring book.

Numbers, numbers, numbers!
What's gonna work?  Teeeaam work!

 Rainbow and Sunshine Opposite Match

"Look!  I found the opposite."

The Easter Bunny - free coloring
 Eggs and Oviparous Animals
{these are GREAT illustrations!}

Hopeful for some springtime rain.

Spring break is over and it's back to work.  And we have A LOT of work to do.  Actually, it's going to be so fun the kids won't even bat an eye at the work to be done.

Upcoming: The Rainforest 
{ooooooh, ahhhhhh}
My Favorite!


  1. Cutest post ever!! Your students look so happy!


  2. Mmm, root beer floats!! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher