Um, Does Anyone Know What Happened to February???

I did it again!  
I blinked and, whoosh, another month gone.  
After reading several other posts, it's good to know that I am in good company.  
Anyhoo, no more fussing over a lost month~let's get this post on!

Here are just a few pictures from my "Over the Hill" party at school.  My mom, and the greatest staff members were behind it.  Warning tape ALL over the room, crazy signs posted EVERYWHERE, a giant 4-0 balloon outside of my classroom door for ALL parents and students coming and going to see.  I even got a special delivery to the school office of an iced carmel macchiato {with extra carmel} & a container of crushed Oreos and gummy worms, with a sign that said "older than dirt" - I still don't have a clue who it was from.

That night I had to catch a flight to Phoenix for my son's soccer tournament and my sweet husband & some of his sweet "gals" from Southwest surprised me on the flight with Elvis {the attendant}, and all passengers singing to me.  They presented me with a priceless toilet paper cake, a crown of airplane peanuts, and a bottle of champagne.  I HEART MY HUBBY {and Southwest Airlines}!

We celebrated Fat Tuesday with jester hats, masks, and pancakes.

Here are two very fabulous staff members.  They like to party!

Ash Wednesday
Mass usually goes a little longer than usual, so I give the kiddos free time.

Viva Las Vegas!
As if one soccer tournament wasn't enough for the month...
My husband and I were chaperones for Christopher and three other boys on the team.  They had a blast hanging out on the strip.
{and, they are boys so they refused photo ops}

This is my favorite kid in the whole wide world!

Great view of the boys playing ball.

The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear
Here are a few activities that we do with this book.
I have the kids make strawberries.  For math, they roll a die and have to make addition problems.  The sum of each math problem is the total of spots that need to be glued to the front.  {sorry for the bad glare}

Illustrations of how the kids visualize what the Big Hungry Bear looks like.

Farewell February.  Welcome March {like a lion, by the way}!


  1. Happy Birthday. Looks like a fun day.
    Those strawberries are adorable.

  2. I love the pictures of your birthday! You DO work with wonderful people, and you deserved every bit of that fun celebration!! Forty is gonna kick ass!

  3. HAHAHA! That is hilarious! Thank you for sharing and happy (late) birthday!!! No old jokes from me...(-;


    The 3AM Teacher

  4. Thanks for sharing part of your life. It looks like you had fun!

  5. WOW! What an amazing month! Looks like you had fun in all aspects of your life! Happy belated birthday!

    First Grade Magic

  6. I have given you a lovely award. Please check it out at my blog a teachers bag of tricks