Space Journey Part 2

Student Author Showcase

Robot, robot, what do you see?  I see a cloud go past me.

{I see a rocket flying by me}

{I see a planet passing by me}

{I see an alien walking by me}

So proud of my authors!
Name Rocket Blocks 

The Sun
This is a paper plate/bowl activity the kiddos do with their 4th Grade Reading Buddies {aka assistants}.  Prior to our visit with our Buddies, we make an anchor chart about the Sun {sorry I forgot to take a picture}.  Then each kindergarten gets 5 blank note cards and has to write a fact about the sun on each card {I give more note cards to my more advanced writers}.  The "assistants" make sure the kindergarteners are using their best handwriting, keeping spaces between words, and begin with an uppercase/end with the appropriate punctuation.

The kindergarteners can then put their note card facts in the back of the sun and wear around the school.  I usually send a message to the staff letting them know to stop a student in the hall and ask them about the sun {they eat all this attention up}.

Here are some of our kindergarten sun experts:

Describing the Sun
I give each student a precut circle & have them cover it with torn construction paper.  I dilute glue on a plate and let the kiddos use their fingers {who doesn't LOVE glueing their fingers together???}. 

We brainstormed words that described the sun {again, forgot to get a picture of the chart}.  Then they picked five words and wrote them on the page below.

I am so very proud of the progress my students have made and continue making.

Next week we will cover the moon & stars and of course our home planet, the Earth.

Have a "stellar" week!


  1. What a great theme! I love the space ships! Your kids are great writers!

    Apples and ABC's

  2. Super idea to use a chart with adjective to help them write their own poem!! Thanks!