To the Moon and Beyond....

We learned about the moon this week.  Thanks to Mrs. Carroll's MOON MANIA and Abby's OVER THE MOON units, my kinders completed some pretty awesome activities!  

This Counting Craters math activity came from Mrs. Maya's Kindergarten.

I found some space stencils in my box of goodies.

Group writing about the moon.

The Man in the Moon {c/o Mrs. Carroll...LOVE HER}
So very proud of the writing my kids did {they really are growing and maturing! Tear drop}

Papa, Please Get the Moon For Me.
{the kids substitute papa with their name} 
The Night Sky
I let the kids balloon paint...sooooooo fun!
I mix glue, shaving cream, and silver acrylic paint.  Then they dab the balloon on a piece of pre-cut card stock circles.  They had to also pick one Moon Fact and write on the white piece on the bottom.

A view of the classroom.


  1. aw, your kids are so cute! These activities look awesome!

  2. These are great!!! Thank you for sharing, I need to file some of these ideas away for next year when we do our space unit again.

  3. Love your blog! I nominated you for a couple awards. Stop on by and check it out! Happy St. Patrick's Day! :o)
    Hangin' with Mrs. Cooper

  4. I'm doing space this week and I LOVE your moon activities! I may have to find time to squeeze those in!

  5. How old are your kindy kids? Mine are 4/5. These seem like pretty tricky tasks for my kids to do (literacy mainly). Great ideas though!

  6. So much fun activities! Children will love it and they will have fun doing this. Can’t wait to try some of them. Thank you.