Space Wrap Up, Lucky's Visit, Chocolate, CELEBRATION Time!

Yes folks, this post is long and loaded with pictures.  
Sit back with a glass of tea or a cup of joe and enjoy.

Space ship, space ship!
Take me away!

Pattern Block Space Creations

I had the kids create these drawings the first morning of our unit.  When they entered the classroom, I had the solar system hanging from the ceiling {pics below}.  All I asked them to do was illustrate what they knew about our solar system.  Pretty amazing drawings.  I just LOVE my kids!!!

Hard at work

Inflatable Solar System from Learning Resources

Back here on Earth, we enjoyed our CUH-RAZY abnormal warm March on the playground.

Did I mention that I LOVE these kids?!?!?!

St. Patrick's Day Fun

Painting our Rainbows
Making crepe paper clouds and rainbows 
.....and eating Skittles.
Lucky the Leprechaun left us a surprise along with instructions.  We had to add 8 cups of milk {he obviously shops at Kroger since on of my Littles mentioned that she gets the same 2% milk that he left}, into the dry powder.  It magically turned GREEN, then we all had to take a turn shaking the mix up while we repeated this chant:

Leprechaun, Leprechaun
Shamrocks seen.
Magic powder

We put the mix back into the fridge to cool, then enjoyed the treat {pistachio pudding} after lunch.

Think BIG! Eat SMART!
World's Finest Chocolate stopped at St. Pius X last week along their national tour.  They talked with the kids about eating smart and staying active.  When eating a chocolate bar the suggested rule is eat one part, share one part, and save the last part for another day.
HMMMMM, I don't know about you!  But when it comes to eating a chocolate bar there 

Here are my kids getting their groove on.

Here is the world's LARGEST chocolate bar.
A TON of chocolate here before us {and during Lent for crying out loud-talk about temptation} - YIKES!

And finally...I am very proud to say that 
all the marbles have been earned this year!  Which means we will celebrate tomorrow with a scrumdiddlyumptious root beer float party {with toppings}.  Pictures of the celebration to follow.

Have a terrific week friends! 
A week and a half until spring break!
{but who's counting}


  1. I enjoyed your post. Cute kids! I love the space blow-ups. I would love to have those.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love the pictures they made with shapes!

    Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

  3. Tanya, The pattern block activity and the cut and paste shapes into rocket ships both look like fun! Where can I get those blow up planets? They look awesome. Renee

  4. I am so glad that I just found your blog! I love the pictures. I am your newest follower! I would like to pass on The Lovely Blog Award to you. Please stop by my new blog to pick it up!