It's All In The Bag

A bag is a bag is a bag, right?  These are the words from a very smart man {my  husband} that carries his lunch to work in a Target bag.  But we all know that the right bag can make the world go round!  Thanks to Abby over at The Inspired Apple for hosting this unique linky party!

Here is the bag that I have toted around for nearly 4 years.  I love any Life is Good product.
It's a very sturdy canvas bag and holds plenty of stuff.  Have a look:

Teacher guides, planning notebook, lotion, a pen I won at a SMART Board training, a bag full of smelly markers, and Target treasures...not to mention:

Snacks galore, random pens, post-its, a pack of index cards, can't be without chapstick/lip gloss {FOUR in the bottom of the bag?  Hello, my name is Tanya, and I'm addicted to chapstick}, a pack of gum, contact lens solution, two new Cricut cartridges I picked up at Hobby Lobby {on sale, of course}.

Really?  Is all this stuff necessary?  Um. Ya!

Now, this is my personal bag.  It's a MICHE, this is my fall cover:

MICHE is home to my beloved MAC, iPad, calendar, wallet, keys, and cosmetic bag {which is not pictured here because I left it in the faculty lounge after I brushing my teeth between recess and library time} 

 As of recent, I have added this lovely and very fashionable Rubbermaid Tote to my repertoire.  It houses ALL of the 'randoms' that get tossed in as I do a once over the classroom as I'm rushing out {usually to get to a soccer game, or home to get in my guilty pleasure TV time}.  I really wanted to empty it and capture the "now why on earth did I bring THIS home" feeling.  But I think you all can appreciate that feeling without seeing the crayons, bag of rubber bands, more teacher editions, and I think there was even a pair of socks...what? 

Anyway, sweet husband of mine.  A bag is not just a bag.  There is a story behind every bag in my closet.  And now I'm off to Google all the bags you have listed on Abby's Linky party.  I'm sure to have a few more bags to choose from in the coming months.  Real quick, here are just a couple of links to more great bags:

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  1. I love the Life is Good line too :) I am late to Abby's linky party, here is my bag *the bag I blogged about can hold one of those plastic file boxes you showed!