Soooooo.  Finally getting around to posting the before and afters of my classroom.  I have such a small classroom about 30 x 30, so I have to be creative with the space, all the "stuff" I can't do without and 24 little busy bodies.

This is my front door.  I found the crayons at the Dollar Tree at the beginning of the summer and just knew I'd use them somehow.  This is the Crayon wreath my sweet momma made for me my first year of teaching {11 years ago}.  Besides the little ones, it's the most precious item in my classroom.
{don't ya just LOVE the cute little face in the corner} ever evolving classroom.  I'm sure I'll re-arrange at least 2 time before fall break.

I don't have a lot of wall space so the closet {where the littles hang their backpacks and coats} has to be home to our word wall.

Sorry about the short and not so creative post.  It's been a long few weeks and I'm exhausted!
Nighty night my blog friends!  Hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. Hi! I saw a picture of your door on Pinterest and had to comment--I'm using a crayon theme and I love my Dollar Tree crayons! How did you attach them to the door?

    Have a wonderful year!

  2. Hi Chrissy! Thanks for visiting my blog and I'm excited that my picture was posted on Pinterest : ) I just used clear packing tape on the back of the crayon, then once I got them right where I wanted them, I took a huge strip and put it across all of the crayons. Hope you have a great year!!!