In a F.U.N.K. This Week

UGH, friends I've been cranky lately.  It's waaay to early in the year to be in a funk...let's see could be that it's like 800 degrees here in Denver? Not really, only 86, but's the end of September for cryin' out loud!  And our school is so ancient that AC will never come our way..... 
....or could it possibly be that I might be getting 2, yes TWO more littles to add to my already 23....  
...or...or...the list goes on.
I could use Cher right about now to slap me and shout "snap out of it"!
{of course in a great New York accent with the full moon shining overhead}  
Top three reasons I snapped out of it within a few hours: 
1. My laundry is TOTE-ALLY done, cleaned, dried, folded, and PUT AWAY {pat on the back}!  
2. I am admitting to being a blog stalker and after reading several of your blogs tonight, the funk? Right.Out.The.Window! {thank you all for the giggles and great ideas}!
  3. My husband and I were looking at pictures of this handsome kid that went to homecoming last weekend.  My boy can ALWAYS make me smile! 

Ahhh, a little blog therapy goes a long, long way.  Here's to a great week ahead! 
P.S. 'What's In My Teacher Bag' post will come tomorrow 

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