Oh Happy Day!

I finally got the approval to replace the books I lost in the summer flood!  I lost 63 books total.  Retail value of the books $340.00 {YIKES that's a pretty penny}.  I wasn't able to find all of the titles in one visit to The Bookies {by far the BEST book store in Denver}, so they let me get books that I have been on my wish list.  So, this is what I got for a whopping $318.98, there are a few titles not shown because I had to order them.  I am so thankful that the insurance is replacing my precious books!!!

I can't wait to read these with my kinders!!!
I'm so happy : )

Have a wonderful week friends!


  1. Congrats, I'm glad they were replaced!!

  2. Hi,
    Just having fun searching through your blog. Great ideas. I was thinking about doing a mad scientist week and wondered about the book you bought "The Mad Scientist Notebook.". Would you recommend it? Are the experiments simple?
    Tvento1313@ msn.com