"Fall"ing Randomness

Happy Wednesday!  Now that the weather is finally starting to feel like fall here in Denver {down to 75 degrees}, we have been busy doing several fall activities.  

Autumn Leaves are falling down.  
Red, orange, yellow, and brown.  
Falling gently to the ground.

I've been doing this fall project for years.  I think I found it originally on Little Giraffes website.  I love it because the kiddos get to use fine motor skills~NO SCISSORS ARE USED~all tearing.

This is a Kim Jordano Sight Word Book {LUUUUV Kim Jordano}!  I use sticks and glitter foam stickers I get on clearance each year after the holiday from Hobby Lobby and make pointers.

Not a sad reading face in the audience!!!

These are just simple pumpkins that I have added numbers and "seeds" to with a marker before I laminate.  Here they were using counters to match the numeral card to the amount of pumpkin seeds.

Uppercase "momma" pumpkins needed to be matched with lowercase "baby" pumpkins.  
This group worked together and matched all 26 letters!

These apples needed the right amount of seeds.  This group worked at matching and 
putting the cards in numerical order.

Applesauce time!

These are my Target treasures {my kiddos actually call them that, too cute}.  Actually these are plastic fall themed table confetti.  This group used them to sort and to make patterns.

Leaves!  Our 4th Grade Reading Buddies joined us for this activity.  Each one of my kiddos got a Ziploc baggy with a leaf and a half sheet of paper.  I encouraged the 4th graders to assist their kinder buddy to use 4 of the 5 senses as they observed the leaf.

I then use the real leaves as part of the class book.  I tape the leaf to the top of the baggy and put the writing on the bottom.  I use the baggies so they can hold it up and see it through the light.

Rock Pumpkins

We are getting rid of a ton of river rocks that were in our back yard.  So I thought in stead of a pet rock, why not make rock pumpkins!

I hot glued on sticks that I found in my yard for the stem and the littles used a marker to put on the face. 

Here is our pumpkin patch outside of our door.



  1. I have got to try those rock pumpkins. My husband is getting ready to take crops off of the fields and there are always tons of rocks. I think you and I are on the same themes right now. I just bought those pumpkin cards to do the same thing with matching for letters/numbers!!

  2. Your rock pumpkins are adorable, what a sweet idea! Loved the pictures!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  3. LOVE these ideas! Especially the counters covering up the seeds and the cute reading sticks. Will have to try those out :)

  4. Hi Tanya! Thank you for your interest in Thirty-One. I emailed you at the email that came up with your comment but it bounced back. If you want to email me at eleyva31gifts@gmail.com I would be pleased as punch to help you set up an order :) I also have some student teacher ideas/tips to share :)

    Thanks again!!


  5. Loving the rocks!! Too Cute! I am a new follower and love your ideas!!


  6. Oh my goodness!! Those rock pumpkins are absolutely darling--love it!! I'm also excited to be one of your newest followers!

    Ms. Preppy's Adventures in Primary and Polka Dots