Playing Catch-up

Where on earth does the time go???
We spent a lot of time this week catching up on unfinished business.
I went home on Wednesday with the beginning of a cold.  I am finally felling somewhat normal.  What a great way to spend a 3 day weekend.

 Here are a few of the finished glue/shaving cream snowmen:

Next we made symmetrical, pattern block snowflakes:

Here's a little book I created (hope to get it posted to TPT by this evening):

Snowman, Snowman!

Thanks to Em over at Bunch of Scrap I am now an Instagram user.  I loaded it that morning when I got to school onto my iPhone and tried it out a few different options.  I.Love.Them.
Pattern Block Snowflakes

Pattern Block Snowflakes

Guest Reader
Mrs. Rossi, on of our Third Grade teachers wanted to come in and read to the kindlers.  She just loves my little guys.  She lost her husband unexpectedly on December 1st, and returned to school after Christmas break.  Doing things like this is good therapy for her.

They were so intrigued by Mrs. Rossi...couldn't ya just eat 'em up?

This was an oldie but a goodie.  Snowman sequencing (from the Mailbox, 1997)

 A little bit of free time.  My girls below discovered that they can make a stop light out of the Uno cards.  They're great thinkers!

 Snowman Word Scramble
We did this center together in front of the Word Wall.
(Next time I am going to put a small star next the beginning letter of each word.  This will make it easier for my Littles that are ELL and/or have some speech issues).

Colorful Snowflakes.  I used my Cricut to cut out different colored snowflakes.  They had to pick a snowflake, and match it with the same color marker to write "Look" and then the color.

 Miss Riedel doing group time.
Here's the Macarena Month song by Dr. Jean

 We use the Smartboard each morning for Morning Group time.  Here is my new little one creating a pattern for the rest of the class to figure out. 

During "Free Time", Caleb wanted to make a dinosaur book.  He used our "Dinosaur Words" file folder to assist in his writing.

Pterodactyl high in the sky.

Sea long neck whamming in the ocean.

Dinosaur planet is awesome.

 Friday was declared Orange and Blue day in support of the Denver Broncos.  Magnet letters was one of our centers.  This group decided to but the alphabet up on the board.

Jackson spelled the names of his mom & dad.
This little one loves Thomas the Train and can spell every locomotive's name and illustrate them correctly. 
 We ended the week with this diddy from Cara Carroll over at the First Grade Parade.  
I love how they turned out.  They completed the writing portion with the assistance of their 4th Grade Buddies.  

Next week we'll be learning about the arctic and penguins.  Always a fun unit.
Have a great week!

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