A Little of This. A Little of That.

I spent a lot of time over break stalking surfing all the super cute blogs out there and noticed how many teachers have their classrooms on Facebook.  Well, I tossed and turned on this one, thought what the heck.  And created a Facebook page for Ms. Solano's Kindergarten {though I have yet to post}.  I spent my specials period figuring out how to link up and put the button on my blog - finally, it's there.

Today we celebrated the Epiphany.  I have a couple of stories to share.

1. Our most awesome music teacher {and unofficial social coordinator} bakes muffins and puts two peas in one.  We each get a muffin on our mailbox.  If you are lucky enough to get the peas, you are crowned the Epiphany King/Queen.  Well today was my lucky day!

2.  During Mass, the priest asked the students what they received for Christmas.  They gave their answers.  Then he went on to ask if anyone gave God a present.  Well, one of my littles said "no I didn't, because my parents didn't want to drive that far to give it to Him".  How stinkin cute and innocent was that answer!?!

New Year's Eve isn't just the last day of the year.  It is also my grandpa's birthday.  We have always celebrated it with him for as long as I can remember.  Here is a picture of my sweet little grandma {she's 89}, my handsome teenager, my beautiful niece, and the birthday boy.  Happy 91st grandpa!

The day before we had to get back to reality, we spent the day shopping {not that we needed to spend any more time in a mall}.  My niece absolutely loves her cousin.  He's so good to her too, he even shared his Panda Express with her  : )

Well that's all I have for now.  I have pictures of what we did this past week and will get them posted soon.  Have a great weekend bloggy friends!

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