I'm A Professional Bathroom Singer ; )

Those of you that know me, know that I am never without music!  I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv music!  All types of music.  I have a very eclectic collection from Dean Martin to Jay-Z, Hank Williams to Chopin on my iPod.  I love to push shuffle and just feel what come on.  I come from a family of musicians~but I consider myself to be a PROFESSIONAL bathroom/car singer.  I cannot read music for the life of me, but have the strange ability to pick up an instrument and play by ear.

I saw this Linky Party today that Amanda over at Teaching Maddness is hosting, 
and had to Jump On It {Fresh Prince & Carlton}.

So, here goes.  
I play lots of music throughout the day in my classroom.  I especially love these...

ANY of the Putumayo discs fit well daily in the classroom.

I play a variety of music for the kiddos including:
LOTS of classical aka our "thinking" music
Frank Sinatra
Bob Marley
Dr. Jean
Greg and Steve
Jack Hartman
Ella Fitzgerald
Jack Johnson

And the list goes on...and on......only to....

Have a great day friends!

What's Up Wednesday

Colorado Fires
I'm sure most of you are aware of the fires that are devastating my beautiful and majestic state.  The horrifying pictures are all over Facebook and national news. Praying for those evacuated, those who have lost their homes, for the firefighters & workers fighting these fires all over the state & the volunteers & communities that are pulling together to help out in any way possible. Please pray for rain & relief, rest & restoration!!!

To read more about the devastation that is wreaking havoc go here.  If you would like to make a donation to help those affected {more than 32,000 people have been displaced and hundreds of those have lost everything} go here.

Spain reached the final of the UEFA EURO 2012 after a goalless draw in overtime, and a nail-biting 4-2 penalty shoot out!  I HATE shoot outs, they're so nerve racking! 

Gotta love Kohls!
Look what they have now...at just $5 each.  Books too!  LOVE IT!

Have a good night dear friends and please remember Colorado in your prayers tonight.

Three Weeks into Summer...

I was so excited when I received an e-mail saying that my blog has been nominated for this fantastic award! Voting begins June 25th and ends July 2nd.  I am still working on the details of how friends and followers can vote.  I'll get back with you when I get the nitty gritty...

A little over 12 hours ago we pulled the family truckster back into our driveway.  We went to Phoenix, AZ for the Far-West Championships.  It was HOT, HOT, and well, HOT.  Unfortunately my son's team did not make it past the semi-finals.  However, they played with heart and soul and battled with the best from the western states!  Christopher has been playing with an injured ankle for over two months.  It is actually a blessing that they didn't advance.  Now he gets a break to let his body heal and go through the necessary repairs {which we will find that out on Monday}.  Fingers crossed that is isn't serious. 
I love this kid more than anything in the world and watching him play makes me smile.

As of today my summer TO-DO list has not been touched.  But, I finished reading the first of the Fifty Shades...I couldn't put it down.  I'm four pages into Darker...not wanting to put it down.  I'm also continuing the Daily 5 book study with other fantabulous teachers.  My focus now really needs to be on Christopher's ankle and getting him healed.  And, on cool mornings/evenings I will be tending to the garage that is overflowing with themed tubs that need to be organized...again.

Summa, Summa, Summa-Time. SUMMER TIME

Oh Happy Day!  Summertime is finally upon us! 


A teachers' mind is never far from the classroom.  I have already been making mental notes of the many things I need to do over the summer to prepare for the upcoming school year.  For the next couple of weeks I plan on taking some time to rest, relax and...

travel to watch this fantastic kid of mine...

play a whole lotta 


We just returned from Seattle to watch his team play in the WCDA Nationals.  They came in 3rd in the nation.  Not bad for a team that's only been playing together for 9 months!  They played incredibly hard against some very talented teams and players.
Next week we are loading up the family truckster and driving down to Phoenix for a week for the Far West Regionals.  Here's my question: WHO in their right mind decided to play soccer, in mid-June, in PHOENIX???  {must have been a man that did that came up with that}  At least the games are scheduled after 8 pm each night so the poor players won't be in the blazing Arizona sun!

Next I plan on participating in the

Tammy over at 

is hosting this great event for kindergarten teachers.  I have had the book for about 4 months now and have only been able to thumb through it.  I usually end up falling asleep ~ not that it's not a great read ~ but I just haven't had any extra time to do any reading for myself.  I can't wait and am very thankful for Tammy and her list of guest bloggers that are helping her host this event!

Because of all the buzz on the blogs and Facebook has been about this 

I purchased my iBook and plan on reading this little ditty while I'm hanging by the pool in Phoenix.

I will also be attending the 

conference in Vegas in July. 
I've attended three previous conferences over the years, but took the last two years off to finish remodeling our house.  I know there will be so many teacher bloggers there that I want to meet!  I'm just beside myself with anticipation!

Finally, I plan on spending a lot of time thrift in' it!  My mom {also known as Mima} and I get up early on Saturday's and hit the ARCs and Goodwills since they have 50% everything.  During the week, I usually pop in and hope there's a good find.  The manager at one of the stores knows me by name and is always keeping an eye out for things that I can use in the classroom.

Like this little treasure I found today.  Bookcase on the top and a spot for storage bins below.  A frugal find for under $7 ~ can I get a WHAT?

Here is the rest of my TO DO list {not in any specific order}:
1. Organize picture books
2. Pintrest
3. Finalize plans for the new landscaping in the back yard
4. Organize Pintrest folders
5. Create new anchor charts for the beginning of the school year
6. Load new classroom music on the iTouch I got for the classroom
7. Try lots of new recipes found on Pintrest
8. Hang out with besties
9. Work on packets for TPT {I need to get better at this}