The End is Near...FINALLY!

Wow!  I don't know about you, but I have never been so ready for a break!  The last day of school is only 8.5 days away.  With that being said, how many of you have principals already wanting *plans* or *curriculum change ideas* for next year?  We are adopting Singapore Math as one change, so I plan on sitting on my back patio, soaking up the sun~and enjoying raspberry tea while I read, read more, and plan for the new curriculum, and create some great lessons for the SMART Board.  I am looking for any new ideas for group/calendar time and/or ways you all use your interactive boards in kindergarten.

Happy Tuesday Friends!!!

Friday Boogie

It's Friday! It's Friday! Oh yea, oh yea, it's FRI.DAY! 
{just a little ditty that popped in my head}