....Continuing the Rainforest

We started the week by taking a field trip to see Disney's Chimpanzee movie.  Such a good movie!  
What a great time we all had.
{sorry for the poor picture quality-still working with the iPone's camera}

Monkey-ing Around
They all copied a monkey poem from the SmartBoard and turned it into a monkey.

We do this little activity with our GeoBoards.  The kiddos sit facing each other, one "monkey" creates something on his/her board then shows it to the other child.  Then the other "monkey" has to copy the creation.  They had a blast doing this activity!

Rainforest sentence writing.

Making pattern snakes.

Paper Plate Snakes

The ants go marching....

Crocodile Rock!


This little guy made sloth claws and lizard wings during some free time.  He used tape, scissors, markers, and above all, is imagination.  He made me take his picture posing.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again 
{and again}.  

Have a wonderful week!

For those of you out there that have asked if I will be sharing my printables...the answer is yes! I will be putting them together and online as soon as I can.  Best part is they will be FREE!!!!  : )