It's All In The Bag

A bag is a bag is a bag, right?  These are the words from a very smart man {my  husband} that carries his lunch to work in a Target bag.  But we all know that the right bag can make the world go round!  Thanks to Abby over at The Inspired Apple for hosting this unique linky party!

Here is the bag that I have toted around for nearly 4 years.  I love any Life is Good product.
It's a very sturdy canvas bag and holds plenty of stuff.  Have a look:

Teacher guides, planning notebook, lotion, a pen I won at a SMART Board training, a bag full of smelly markers, and Target treasures...not to mention:

Snacks galore, random pens, post-its, a pack of index cards, can't be without chapstick/lip gloss {FOUR in the bottom of the bag?  Hello, my name is Tanya, and I'm addicted to chapstick}, a pack of gum, contact lens solution, two new Cricut cartridges I picked up at Hobby Lobby {on sale, of course}.

Really?  Is all this stuff necessary?  Um. Ya!

Now, this is my personal bag.  It's a MICHE, this is my fall cover:

MICHE is home to my beloved MAC, iPad, calendar, wallet, keys, and cosmetic bag {which is not pictured here because I left it in the faculty lounge after I brushing my teeth between recess and library time} 

 As of recent, I have added this lovely and very fashionable Rubbermaid Tote to my repertoire.  It houses ALL of the 'randoms' that get tossed in as I do a once over the classroom as I'm rushing out {usually to get to a soccer game, or home to get in my guilty pleasure TV time}.  I really wanted to empty it and capture the "now why on earth did I bring THIS home" feeling.  But I think you all can appreciate that feeling without seeing the crayons, bag of rubber bands, more teacher editions, and I think there was even a pair of socks...what? 

Anyway, sweet husband of mine.  A bag is not just a bag.  There is a story behind every bag in my closet.  And now I'm off to Google all the bags you have listed on Abby's Linky party.  I'm sure to have a few more bags to choose from in the coming months.  Real quick, here are just a couple of links to more great bags:

In a F.U.N.K. This Week

UGH, friends I've been cranky lately.  It's waaay to early in the year to be in a funk...let's see could be that it's like 800 degrees here in Denver? Not really, only 86, but's the end of September for cryin' out loud!  And our school is so ancient that AC will never come our way..... 
....or could it possibly be that I might be getting 2, yes TWO more littles to add to my already 23....  
...or...or...the list goes on.
I could use Cher right about now to slap me and shout "snap out of it"!
{of course in a great New York accent with the full moon shining overhead}  
Top three reasons I snapped out of it within a few hours: 
1. My laundry is TOTE-ALLY done, cleaned, dried, folded, and PUT AWAY {pat on the back}!  
2. I am admitting to being a blog stalker and after reading several of your blogs tonight, the funk? Right.Out.The.Window! {thank you all for the giggles and great ideas}!
  3. My husband and I were looking at pictures of this handsome kid that went to homecoming last weekend.  My boy can ALWAYS make me smile! 

Ahhh, a little blog therapy goes a long, long way.  Here's to a great week ahead! 
P.S. 'What's In My Teacher Bag' post will come tomorrow 

Happy Fall Y'all!

Fall Leaves mini book uses sight words I, see, and the color words.  Clip art is DJ Inkers Fabulous Fall {I LUUUUUV DJ Inkers}!  The download is available below.  Happy Fall my friends!

Now that I know how to upload files {finally}'s a Fall freebie.  Enjoy
Fall Leaves Mini Book

Oh Happy Day!

I finally got the approval to replace the books I lost in the summer flood!  I lost 63 books total.  Retail value of the books $340.00 {YIKES that's a pretty penny}.  I wasn't able to find all of the titles in one visit to The Bookies {by far the BEST book store in Denver}, so they let me get books that I have been on my wish list.  So, this is what I got for a whopping $318.98, there are a few titles not shown because I had to order them.  I am so thankful that the insurance is replacing my precious books!!!

I can't wait to read these with my kinders!!!
I'm so happy : )

Have a wonderful week friends!
Soooooo.  Finally getting around to posting the before and afters of my classroom.  I have such a small classroom about 30 x 30, so I have to be creative with the space, all the "stuff" I can't do without and 24 little busy bodies.

This is my front door.  I found the crayons at the Dollar Tree at the beginning of the summer and just knew I'd use them somehow.  This is the Crayon wreath my sweet momma made for me my first year of teaching {11 years ago}.  Besides the little ones, it's the most precious item in my classroom.
{don't ya just LOVE the cute little face in the corner} ever evolving classroom.  I'm sure I'll re-arrange at least 2 time before fall break.

I don't have a lot of wall space so the closet {where the littles hang their backpacks and coats} has to be home to our word wall.

Sorry about the short and not so creative post.  It's been a long few weeks and I'm exhausted!
Nighty night my blog friends!  Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Welcome Back

Greetings dear friends!  School is back in full session.  And {huge pause} I.AM.EXHAUSTED!!! 
I haven't posted in a while, partly because I have been enjoying every last little minute of my carefree summer days.  But, the main reason is because I wanted to unveil my brand new blog design to accompany the start of a brand new school year.  I hope this school year is as wonderful as the new design.  {sweet little sigh} I.LOVE.IT!  Huge thanks to Bill and Jenn over at Dream Team Designs.  
They are aw-to the-some!

Stay tuned for beginning of the year photos and 10th day of school activities.  Nighty night dear blogging world. zzz...zzz...zzz...