Pimp My Teacher Stool!

My sweet hubby, Chris surprised me one day with this really cool {yet really ugly} 
mechanic's stool he found in the clearance section of the auto parts store for $12.99.  

The next day I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased some fabric, scrapbook paper, 
stickers, and a roll of vinyl magic cover {all under $10.00}.

That evening {as my boys snoozed} I went to work.
An hour and two episodes of Entourage later, voila!
No more ugly mechanic's stool!

My rockin' mobile teacher stool!

I need a VACATION from SumMer vAcATIon!

It's been a while since I've posted. 1. I was REALLY upset about the flood in my classroom {that put me in a nasty FUNK} and 2. I was REALLY, really, busy with the following:

Family BBQs


Getting over the SHOCK that my baby boy {don't let the facial hair fool you, he is only 15} 
went from tricycle, to two wheeler, to a BIG four wheeler and is now DRIVING!..sniffle...sniffle.

{Frequent} Breakfasts at our FAVORITE spot in Denver, Pete's Kitchen!!! 

The purchase of my new baby...
it was time to trade in my 13 year old beloved 4-Runner

Soccer tournaments and team tryouts that give "soccer mom" a whole new meaning!  Five days of tryouts and 6, yes SIX weekends at 3v3 soccer tournaments.  This was the final weekend in fabulous Vail, CO.  Luckily we had some down time to shop in town {YIKES} and visit the Betty Ford Botanical Gardens {pictures to come later}.


MATH IN FOCUS {aka Singapore Math}

We are implementing Math in Focus this year so our math teachers attended FOUR FULL days at the National Singapore Math Summer Institute.  We were lucky to have Dr. Yeap Ban Har, PH.D. as our keynote speaker as well as our teacher for the week.  There were some other great presenters {more to come on what they had to offer}...

Here are just a few snapshots I took from a breakout session that basically discussed what are our {educators} fears of starting this program.  It's amazing and I can't wait to see how our school changes and would love to share ideas with all of you out there that have been using or are just starting out Math in Focus.   


SO, that is what's been keeping me busy {and my mind off my mold ridden classroom, which needs to be ready for kinders by August 22nd}.

Check back soon for pictures of my newly decorated mobile teacher chair!

y Happy Tuesday Friendsy