Pre-Halloween/Pre-Fall Break Medley

Can I just say that I love my Littles!
I can honestly say that I look forward to going to school everyday because of these sweet little souls that fill my room with life!  There is NEVER a dull moment in room 5!

We read Dem Bones and made Q-tip skeletons~they crack me up!  
We made funny Jack-o-Lantern faces~love them!  
Our first snowfall~LOVE me some snow!
Class pictures~I prefer candid photos, the whole tilt your head to the left and lift your chin thing bugs me {makes me feel like the photographer just told me I have a double chin}.
And to top it off, the stomach bug hit room 5...HARD~ummm, no comment : )
Our week was filled with lots of pre-halloween/pre-fall break goodness.  
So our week was all but normal.

Here’s the proof: 

Mr. Smellykin is making progress.  First of all, he’s really not as smelly anymore {thank the Lord}.  Second, he just grows by the minute!  Here’s the progress.  Monday, still sprouting upward...

By Wednesday, his side was splitting open and by Friday sprouts were shooting from his side. 

It’s amazing!  But what I think is more amazing is having my Littles walk by Mr. Smillykin and make visual and verbal observations and then engage other classmates on the conversation.
Makes my heart all warm and fuzzy!

 Almost as warm and fuzzy as when previous students stop in for a visit.  It’s so funny how they always ask to go up into the reading loft.  Too cute!!!
These “Littles” are now the 8th graduating class of 2013!  Ouch!  I’m getting old : )