Loving My Class

I just can't get enough Emergen-C this time of year.  The cool mornings and evenings and the incredibly HOT days throw my sinuses into dry confusion.  Not to mention getting my immune system used to being around kids again.  I drink one glass in the morning before I go to school and one at night before I go to bed.  I can't afford to catch any kind of crud!

We started this week doing our calendar pack - only thing is my SmartBoard wasn't being very smart so I had to improvise.  The kids love when I sing and make up crazy lyrics to familiar tunes.  
{fyi...It takes a certain kind of silly to be a kindergarten teacher}
Here they are working on patterning the number in school.
 We worked on some simple centers this week too... 
I introduced Writing the Room. 

We spent some time in the reading loft.
We completed the "Friends I See" pocket chart center.  I took pictures of the kids and typed out each name, laminated and put in the chart.  
They had to pick and write the names of 6 friends they see at school.  
This was a good introduction to the Star Words I, see.

Magnetic Pattern Blocks
So much fun for my very creative learners!
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Trees
(I forgot to take pictures of the finished product...will be in the next post)
Handwriting Without Tears Program
Building letters from the wooden pieces.
 Rainbow Q-Tip Painting 
(again, finished product pics will come later)
As many of you know, I am a CUH-RAZY thrifting fool.  I love thrifting with my mom and besties on the weekends.  Here are some of my great finds from this weekend:
You can see the $5.99 tag - it was an additional 50% off!
Yes, it is a Brighton lanyard ~ LOVE IT!!!
I've recently become obsessed with candle holders...strange I know.
 I got all of the above items for.....
{drum roll please}

I spent some time last night rearranging my classroom {yes, already}.  I had to get a good feel for my little sweeties in order to make the room workable.  I still have a few things to hang and move so I'll take pictures and post them tomorrow.

On the topic of posting, does anyone out there know of a good {free} app/program for MAC users to create blog posts, hassle free?  I've tried MarsEdit - but am having issues with the amount of "media" I am allowed to use.  Anyhow, if you know of a more user friendly way of posting quickly, please let me know.

Have a fantastic Saturday!


  1. I love the qtip painting! I'll have to try that out in the next few weeks. My kids are loving the Write the Room station. They always want to show me what special words they found. I'm glad that you love your class! :)

    Miss A's Kindergarten

  2. Looks like you had a great week! :) I love the things you found for yourself! Lucky girl!

    ΡΌ Alessia
    Mrs. Albanese’s Kindergarten Class

  3. I can't stop laughing because I have those exact same clipboards and they look so enormous in your students' hands compared to my 5th graders!!! Adorable! I love seeing what you do with your class! :)

    1. Hi Kristen! So nice to hear from you! Hope you had a fantastic summer and a great start to the school year! You know, if we were in the same school, your class would be reading buddies to my class - that would be fun! You kids probably don't chew on the corners of their boards...or maybe they do ; ) I've had to replace 2 because I have one little one that chews on EVERYTHING!
      Thanks for stopping by!
      Ms. Solano's Kindergarten

  4. Hi Tanya! I LOVE the pics of your kiddos - although I love my job, it takes me around lots of schools and I don't have a classroom of my own anymore. I so miss being with a class of my own. Thanks for sharing.

    PS - love the scarecrow


  5. Tanya, love , love, love, all the pics of your class. So many fun things happening in your room! I am just getting over a cold that I caught from the kiddos. Ugh... But it was going to happen at some point. Stay healthy!!!

  6. I love the Friends I see activity! Would you be able to share the worksheet to go with it or make it available on TPT?? Thanks! Traci

  7. Looks like the kids had a blast!! I've been slowly introducing centers too but some of my little ones still need a little more time practicing good listening skills first...lol :)

    Color Me Kinder