A Short Week Packed with Activities

My little jesters celebrated Mardi Gras at our annual pancake breakfast.  

Lent began on Wednesday.
We attended Mass and got our ashes {no photos}

And then the LOVE CRAZED Littles entered the room on Thursday morning.
Sugar, love, more sugar and conversation hearts {more sugar}.
My Littles sorted, graphed and tallied the hearts in their boxes.  It was so fun listening to my sweets discuss and compare their investigations.

Of course they all wanted to munch on the candies.  So I made them a deal.  I told them they could eat them on one condition....they had to write the phrase on each heart as they ate them.  Boy, my Littles put the pencil to the paper and wrote each and every phrase!  Impressive!!!  It was oh so cute listening to the giggles and the eeews when they came across the hug and kiss words.  They are just too cute! 

Four and a half days off.  
My Littles think they are getting 4 "stay at home" days because my birthday is this Sunday...I love that they think I have rock star status.
I'm off to the warmer weather for the President's Day Soccer Tournament.  
Phoenix here I come! 


  1. What a SUPER fun week!! I bet they LOVED sorting and graphing those candy hearts!
    The Moffatt Girls

  2. So HAPPY for you and your husband! Best of Luck...it is nice to see people getting back into a bsns for a change; yes...we are 80's gals!

    LOVE the puffy paint...have to try!
    The Goonie Gals

    PS: Stop by...currently blogging about Chicken Little and Scholastic Read Aloud DVDs...


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