Bellied Up at the Bar and a Quick Photo Catch-up

I’m asking for forgiveness now. 
I apologize for seriously slacking on keeping the blog updated. 

Here is the main reason I've been a slacker:

It has been a dream of my husband's to own his own business.  He WE just didn't think it would be this big.  It is a sports bar/restaurant.  When we took over the building, there was SO.MUCH.WORKTOBEDONE!  It took 7 months to completely repair the plumbing, fix and freshen up the restrooms, epoxy the floors, re-buld the bar, and CLEAN (ugh, the place was a mess from top to bottom!).  But we finally finished.  The grand opening was last week and has been pretty busy since (the snow storm didn't even keep people away).  
Mima's (aka my mom's) pork green chile is on the menu.  And here are my sweet little abuelitos enjoying this little bit of deliciousness The Big Cookie.  They are 90 & 92 years old and always support their family.  Love them so much!   

And now we're back!!!

I’m just going to give a quick catch up of what we've been up to in the classroom via the photo overload montage.

This crazy, yet adorable little made "facial hair" out of masking tape.
So much personality!!!


Shuna Patterson from Pocket Full of Kinders created this fantastic goodie of a center.  Blending Strips! Pure AWESOMENESS here!!!  I opted to print them in black&white to save on my ink.  So I gave them magnet letters to have the letters they needed to add pop out at them.  They worked together and hard to make CVC words!  Thanks Shuna!

Self-Portraits - LOVE THESE!!!

Shaving cream + glue = fun messy puffy painting!

Welcoming spring with Tootie-Fruities...yummy!

Fantastic center thanks to my good friend over at Smedley's Smorgasboard

 This trio have an intense game of Go Fish going on right now!

We have two and half more days until Easter/Spring break.


  1. Congrats on the opening of the new business! Loved all the pictures this post offered. Full of great ideas that I will need to remember for next year and for after spring break. Loving that cloud activity! So adorable.


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  3. Thanks for the shout out! Even though it took 7 months for google to send me an alert, oy!

    I am glad your littles enjoyed using them

    Pocket Full of Kinders


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