The End of Dinosaur Days

I am so proud of the progress my Littles made this week!
Writing, tallying, graphing, was non-stop learning fun!

Writing the room

If I had a dinosaur as a pet, I would give him fresh water everyday and fresh food.
I would make sure he was nice and clean.  I would make sure he liked what ever I do. 

If I had a dinosaur as a pet, I would...
My dinosaur would be a Tyrannosaurus and he would climb up the volcano.

I used resources from these fantastic teachers:
Dinosaur Unit Plan Jessica Rosace

In one of our Literacy centers this week the Littles had to write a book about dinosaurs. This Little sure hit the nail on the head!
Big Bones, Little Bones, All Bones
Meat eaters are scary.  Plant eaters are not scary.

Not one, even two people were alive.  Now we have the bones.
The End.

Dinosaur {noodle} fossils.  Great for a fine motor activity!

 Sponge painting is ALWAYS fun!

We discussed the lifecycle of the dinosaur.

 Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs...water painting.
{my Littles are wonderful artists}

 We went on a Cookiesaurus dig.  These Littles were careful and very precise in their excavation.  Once they counted their "fossils" they illustrated their findings.

After reading Dinosaur Roar!
We brainstorm other describing words.  The Littles chose a word and then illustrated. Here we have Dinosaur old!  Dinosaur eating! and Dinosaur hungry!

I love this story!
After reading it, I ask the Littles to close their eyes and imagine them asking their mom for a dinosaur.  Then they write and illustrate.

The Littles made Field Guides to keep all of their work from the week in.  
I think it's safe to say that we had a DINO-RIFIC time!!!

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