Falling in Love with My Littles

According to social media (and verified by the fluctuation in moods both in my classroom and my household) it has been a very strange and long week.  Anyone else feel that way?  The days brought  laughter, tears, cranky pants, sleepiness, and every other mood under the fall sky.

Nevertheless, a lot of great learning and fun is happening in room 5!  It’s amazing the transformation that takes place in these little bodies and minds in just a short 37 days of school.  All 22 of my Littles are full of energy, personality, and ‘lil bit of spit and vinegar.  They make me laugh out loud everyday and I just adore their sweet innocence!
~Photo Montage~
{Not even gonna lie.  No energy to organize the pics}

Aren't they just the sweetest?!?!

And, just because...I had to throw these this in.  My momma {aka Mima} makes a mean green chili.  She bought 6 bushels of peppers to get us through this year and made this with fresh roasted Mira Sol chili. 

Wheel Day!
Our principal {aka the Biggest Kid in the School} declared Tuesdays in October as Wheel Day.  The kids are allowed to bring bikes, scooters, and roller blades to school.  I.LOVE.IT!

Some craftivities and fine motor works of art.

Five Little Pumpkins

 Pumpkin Parts Brace Map

 Our Growing a Pumpkin in a Pumpkin science experiment is working!  Just look at the little sprout they discovered on Friday!  {anyone know how to keep the mold from growing on the sides?}


  1. Oh my goodness! I'm so honoured that some of your centres are from my Pumpkins unit - thank you! :) What a great post! I'm glad that your students are adjusting well and your year is going great! Okay, so next time we meet up, tell your mama that I NEED a plate of her chili - looks DELICIOUS!!! I'm getting so hungry right now!

    Ѽ Alessia
    Mrs. Albanese’s Kindergarten Class

    1. Your Pumpkins unit is AMAZING! You would love her green chili! Wouldn't it be fantastic if we could plan a meet-up not in Vegas, but somewhere that we could all just sit and enjoy each other's company? Don't get me wrong, I loved Vegas, but it's too hectic and exhausting.

  2. Thanks for sharing these fabulous pictures. You have an adorable class! What a clever idea to grow pumpkin seeds in a pumpkin! Love it! Renee