Bats & Spiders & Labels, OH MY!

Well, we've been nothing but busy this past week!  A lot to do before we head out for our fall break, which starts on the 26th promptly at 3:00 pm : )

I started reading assessments so I don't have as many photos to share.  But I was able to capture some very engaged learners.

This is the Counting Spiders activity from my Hands-on Halloween Fun on TpT.

This is the What Comes Next activity.  I gave them the choice of using one or both dice for this activity.  This gave me a good idea of how comfortable the kids felt counting beyond 10, and if they were using manipulatives to help count.

When they finished the activity, they got creative and sorted, patterned, and made haunted houses with the erasers. This team of three worked very well together!


The Batty At Family
These bats are now hanging throughout the classroom.  I love when the kids walk under them and begin to rhyme words with bat!

Kids just love writing the room!  Especially when I throw in a highlighter for them to highlight all of the vowels in the words they found.

Writing Center
I used Deedee Wills' Writing Workstations for October for this labeling activity.  OH.MY.GOODNESS. did they have fun!!!

At Word Family Roll

 Sight Word Spiders

 More Labeling - they did such an incredible job!

 (look closely at the guy that's buried under the tombstone-love seeing a child's perspective) 

Here's an update on Mr. Pumpkin - which we've now nicknamed "Smellykin"!  It's such a great learning tool and the kids come in every morning and check on him.  They love that the seeds have popped and are hanging on to the little leaves that have sprouted.  And, they have been making bets to see which sprout will grow a pumpkin first.  Fantastic authentic learning going on, so I'm keeping him in our room as long as I can! 
(I just open windows and spray fabreze to help ease the painful smell)
Here's Mr. Smellykin on Monday
Here he is on Friday
 We have a lot to get in before fall break starts!  Here's to a great week!!!

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