They LOVED the Rainforest

And so this fantastic unit comes to an end.

We finished off with the Red-Eyed Tree Frog.

Can You See Me?  
Chameleon painting.
I gave the kids a blank piece of paper and a chameleon to cut out.  It was interesting to see how each kiddo created their picture and how they camouflaged the chameleon.  
So original and unique.

Ella's says "I am hiding in ice cream"

The Blue Morpho Butterfly



Flip Book  
The kiddos had to cut out the words and put them in order.  Then they cut and colored several animals and and stapled them with in the sentence.  

Our Final Book 
In the Rainforest {a senses book}.  Each page had to be filled in with see, hear, taste, touch, and smell.  Then they had to illustrate and label at least three 
items that go with the correct sense. 

It was a great unit!  It's a unit that engages the students in every way.  We ended our unit with the performance of 
The Great Kapok Tree.  Because I'm not an expert on posting videos in Blogger, I'm working on the "how-to" tonight and hope to have it posted in a couple of days. {that's code for heeeeeeelllp me if you can}

Have a great week dear friends!

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