End of Year Hurrah {and LOTS of pics}

Our Fourth Grade Buddies drew our shadows on the concrete outside {it was a beautiful day}.  They had so much fun with this activity.  After we came inside and did a quick writing and illustration of "My Shadow".  The pictures were very unique and I loved seeing shadows from the perspective of five year olds.  

 My Shadow
Poem and illustrations

Miscellaneous journal entries:
Left: Emile wrote I like to play soccer with Tony {his brother}.  I love that he put the scores for the teams.  Right: Mike wrote I like big cats including cheetas, tigers, and panthers.

 Ella wrote and illustrated: Autumn and Her Friends; Autumn is pretty. She wears white, red, and blue. Autumn is a Monsterhive princess.  She has lots of friends. {great imagination}. 

What better way to clean the tables and have some fun!  

 I Scream, You Scream...
My little family and I went to Cold Stone {my FAVE}.  My husband thought I should bring in ice cream for the kids during the last week - he loves these kids just as much as I do!

So...I did just that!  They wrote in their journals, did a few other math/writing activites, and of course we had to taste test ice cream.  You can get the printables from Mrs. Lemons over at Step into Second Grade.

This writing and illustration below is quite intriguing for a six year old.  Notice the hand holding the ice cream cone, and the tongue in the upper right hand corner licking the ice cream...and the saliva dripping.  AWESOME!!!

MMMMMMMMMM, ice cream!

More kids in kindergarten liked chocolate ice cream!

We are no longer kindergarteners and our writing proves it!!!


And finally...
I am very proud to present to you the Kindergarten Class of 2012
These kids have me me laugh out loud & cry tears of joy.  They have left their mark both in my classroom and deep in my heart.  I love these kids more than they will ever know!
Congratulations kiddos on a successful year!


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog, love all the activities, especially the ice cream activities and LOVE the graduation self portraits, so sweet!