Catch-up & LOTS of Photos!

I've been outta the blogging loop for a bit...only because I have some GREAT NEWS~My son's soccer team is playing in the championship game (5/20) to fight for Colorado State Cup. Wish us luck! I've been on the soccer mom track of extra training, getting home late, trying to keep up on laundry, etc.

We made the lifecycle of the butterfly out of noodles and sticks with our Fourth Grade Buddies.  The kiddos actually came up with adding the extra "nature" to their plates.  It was such a beautiful day out we took our activity outside.  You can find a copy of Dr. Jean's The Butterfly book here.

We had our butterfly release a couple of days later.  They loved shouting
 "bye-bye butterfly" 
as I set each butterfly free.

Math Transition Time
I read word problems to the students and had them illustrate each problem on their individual white boards.  It was great to see how each kiddo visualizes/interprets the word problems.  They ate this up and what was supposed to be just a 10 minuted transition turned into 35 math loving minutes. : ) 

Word Work
 Lakeshore Word Tiles

Rhyming Words

Spelling CVC Words

Creating Sentences & Stories with Lakeshore Theme Flip-Books

Free Play Creativity

I caught these three "monkeying" around. 
: )

5-4-3-2-1-BLAST OFF
We watched our Eighth Grade Buddies launch their rockets.  It was SUPER cool!

Our final celebration with our Buddies before they graduate from St. Pius X School and make their way to high school.  These eighth graders are incredible kids and have taken their Little Buddies under their wings.  I love watching the relationships develop over the year, but hate seeing them have to say good-bye.

8.5 days left of this wonderful 
kindergarten year!  
Oh, how I will miss these fantastic kids that have stolen my heart.

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