Okay.....so now what?

So I was super excited when the FedEx truck pulled up in front of my house and delivered this fun new toy 
I've been wanting to get a Cricut machine to use in my classroom for some time now {just didn't want to use my son's college fund to buy it}.  But, with all this summer "time" on my hands, I found a way to kill time: eBay! It was a killer deal!  Now I have never known any teacher that passes up *killer deals*.  However, now that I have it here I am scratching my head saying "OKAY, SO NOW WHAT"?  
I would love to hear how you incorporate your Cricut in the classroom.

Prior to the end of school, our principal told us that we are adopting Math in Focus, the American adaptation of Singapore Math.  I am scheduled to attend a four day workshop at the end of this month to sink my hands into this new way of teaching math.  Here's where my one eyebrow is slightly higher than the other, because I see a ton of Debbie Diller Math Stations {GREAT stuff too} and I'm wondering, Can I incorporate them together?
Scratching my head {again} saying, "OKAY, SO NOW WHAT"?  Any thoughts or ideas...please.

Happy Last Day of June!


  1. Ooh a Cricut, how fun! I have a Silhouette, which is basically the same thing. I'll be using mine this summer to make die-cuts of letters for my word wall, door decorating (something that says "Welcome to Kindergarten!", etc), and any other display that I will be putting up in my room! So excited! Have fun!

  2. My, oh my! I sure didn't realize I was going to need a PhD to use the Cricut! I have found a great crafty friend though that is going to give me a 101 {and most likely a 102} how to very soon! Then look out kindergarten classroom, because I'm going to get my "cricut" on!

  3. I felt the same way about the cricut, I also got a great deal on ebay. I have mostly just used the alpahbet cartrige so far, it is a lot easier then I thought to use. It doesn't say anything about cutting fabric but you can. Thank you so much for comment and following my blog. Good luck with your blog.

  4. I love my Cricut! I use it to cut letters. I also find the Designer's Calendar, Locker Talk, and Everyday Paper Dolls cartridges really useful. The website Oh My Crafts has a great selection, and they usually have super deals. I got four cartridges for $80.00 with free shipping last December!
    . http://acreativeclassroom.blogspot.com/

  5. With all the rain that is planned for our afternoons here in Colorado, I plan on experimenting a little more with my Cricut.

    Lana-thanks for that site! I am FOR SURE visiting that one today!

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