Frugal Finds

As educators we are ALWAYS looking for good deals, especially since most of us use our own hard earned money in our classrooms.  However, just like you, I am always on the look out for a frugal find.  I am a Goodwill junkie and was lucky enough to find some pretty good finds at the Goodwill this year.  Here are just a few: 

Frugal Find #1- brand new with the tags still on it - because I ventured to the
 Goodwill on a dreary rainy day, 
I hit the jackpot and only paid $8.99 for this great find!
I find a new use for it every year.  Sometimes it's home assessment packets, 
to stickers, or to keeping my days and weeks {and mind} in order.  

 Frugal Find #2 - the wire skeleton to this was found in the "free" corner of our 
teacher's lounge.  Lucky for me, recess break came at the right time!  On one of 
my frequent visits to Lakeshore I picked up the cardboard holders for the 
low price of $12.99.  What a steal!

 Frugal Find #3 - Shopping for a bag at Ross, I was quickly distracted when my 
little eye spied this great item {in the clearance section} to house our 
storytime puppets. $4.99  

 Frugal Finds #4 & #5 - the white cabinet was found as I was driving my son 
to a soccer game, he was quite annoyed when I did a quick U turn for the 
corner yard sale to pick up this  wonderful addition to our home center. $3.00  
The little mailbox ($1.50) was brought back aaaaaall the way from a yard sale
 in Deltona, FL. when I went for a summer visit with my parents.  As I was unpacking, 
I just got "the look" from my husband  : )

Frugal Find #6 - to some this little plastic basket, is just that, a little plastic basket.  
But to the writers in room 5, it's a paper holder for our writing corner, for the very low price of um, yea, F.R.E.E.!

  The latest and greatest Frugal Find #7 - Of course the last place you look 
at the ARC - the top shelf!!!  Two {still in the pack} primary colored 
Util-a-mats!  $12.00 for both.  My husband was just a teeny-tiny bit 
jealous since he just dropped $34.00 on the same exact mats for 
the home gym floor {only not in primary colors}.  

Well the summer has just started.  Lots of yard sales to hit up and days in the 
Goodwill to be had.  I'd love to hear about your great finds!   


  1. I love your frugal finds! I am always looking, but seems that I never find. :( I am a frequent visitor of the Goodwill and yard sales. Keep up the great work!


  2. Wow! You have some great finds...for cheap. I'm never that lucky. Love the blog!

  3. Glad I found your blog...Kindergarten is my favorite group to teach! I'll be out at Goodwill, yard sales, and curb sides hunting for finds like you. Turn the car around! Happy summer! JG

  4. You are a great bargain shopper!! I went to Staples today and found their dollar section...just what I needed...another dollar section!! Someone needs to keep me away from shopping!! hahaha

    Miss Kindergarten

  5. Oh... I know ALL about "the Look"!!! Lol! Thank you for sharing!!! Good luck in our giveaway!
    Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

  6. I have the same cash register (seen on your white cabinet.. what a steal!) from when I was young... I should find it for my class this year!