Marley's Great Adventures

This is Marley, our class mascot.  When I first started this 10 years ago, he was supposed to just go home each week with a new family to spend time with each student.  He has a journal that the students are supposed to write about the weekend's adventures.  It turns out that Marley's passport has more stamps in it than mine ever will.  He is a very lucky Gorilla!  Marley has been to Disney Land, Disney World, Mexico, Las Vegas, Catalina Island, camping, he was even the first "gorilla" to fly in the cockpit of an airplane to Florida.  He was also lucky enough to to spend two weeks in Italy and went to the Vatican.  That's just to name a few places.  Marley made the front page in the Denver Post Travel Section four years ago.  Way to go Marley!!!

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