I was so sad when I came into my classroom on Monday morning and found our class frogs, Chester and Clarice had been napped right out of their cozy aquarium.  When the kiddos came in, they were so upset that they made "Lost" signs to hang around the school.  Here is one example.
I teach kindergarten in a Catholic school, so my question is this:  Who in the world would snatch two little frogs from kindergarteners?  What is this world coming to?  And, so much for sharing my classroom with what is supposed to be Religious Education!  HUMPH!!!
After the shock wore off from the case of the missing frogs, a few of the girls decided they needed to make these signs and barricade Bugsy {our guinea pig} from any harm.

These kiddos wrote all morning!  I guess if it takes a tragedy to get 'em writing, I could stage a little Shakespeare for them next week!   : )

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