Back to School

The 2013-2014 school year is off to a fantastic start!  
My new group of “Littles” have brought so many smiles to my face already!  They are eager and ready to learn!  The first couple of weeks in school, the weather was HOT~HOT~HOT and the last few days have been WET~WET~WET!  Needless to say, our little classroom flooded twice in 24 hours.  But we are tough and have been goin' with the flow (no pun intended).

Here is a quick montage of our first few days together.

 When the temperature outside is almost 100 degrees, the best way to cool off is with a popsicle! 

 This past Monday we had the most spectacular visitor...Debbie Clement was visiting family here in Colorado and she made a special stop by St. Pius X School.  The Littles had SO.MUCH.FUN!  This group really loves to sing and dance, so Debbie was in great company!

It was a perfect day!  Thanks Debbie!  
P.S. They keep asking me when my friend Debbie is coming back <3!

Using smelly markers always makes writing more fun!
Poetry journals! 

Kindergarten is Exhausting!  I wish I had nap time!

 This school year has more meaning for me as mom than any other school year...this is “The Kid” aka, Christopher.  My one and only, and this is his last year of high school {sniffle, sniffle}.  We are now on the hunt for college. 


  1. Love this!!!! Such cute kids!!! So sweet looking during ap time!! Are you all day kinder?? How fun to have Debbie come to your room!!!

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  3. It has been months since he left his Preschool and my son is still asking to go to school, and telling stories of things that he's done with his kindergarten teacher. He constantly asks to see her.