Whew!  Where do these weeks go?  Just a minute ago, it was the beginning of school!  

I really had anticipated getting this posted over the weekend.  But it snowed here.  Not much, but enough to play outside with my niece.  Then we made pumpkin bread and watched the Wizard of Oz.  I love hanging out with my sweet niece!

Okay, back to business.

Last week we began our Native American unit.  With the wonky schedule we have this year, it’s really hard to get everything in {I know you all feel that way too}.  So during centers my Littles beaded their pattern necklaces and made really cool Native American pictures with our magnetic pattern blocks {pictures below}.

We also worked on a fun stamping activity from Deedee Wills.  Great practice for our HFW and Word Families.  It is an editable version so you can add what you need.  Love Deedee!  

Click on the image above to take you to DeeDee's TpT store.

We also did the Number Fun activity from this packet.  I know this is a back to school pack.  And, I did the activity at the beginning of the year in small groups with my Littles to get an idea of number sense. But what a great assessment tool {you know, since report cards are right around the corner}.  So I put it in a center and they worked independently on it.  I was very impressed how well they did!  

Click on the image above to take you to Alessia's TpT store.
Here they are....just workin' away.

 This is one of my Lakeshore finds.  It is Puuurrrfect for my kiddos!

Here are some of our Tricky Turkey Disguises
You can get the turkey template here at Mrs. Nelson's Class website.  She has a ton of great resources. 

 We made a TeePee on the Plains picture.

 And...our paper bag Native Americans


  1. What an adorable group of kids. They are so involved!! Thanks for the pictures. Renee

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