Guest Post and a NICE Giveaway

I am very honored to be guest posting today for Alessia Albanese while she is enjoying a wonderful family vacation.  

Hop on over and take a peek at what I do to get ready for back to school.  

Then hop on back here to enter for a nice treat.  

beep....beep....beep.....beep beep beep....beep
We interrupt this broadcast to let you in on some very exciting news......There's been an update to the items being given away to three lucky winners:

One winner will receive a $25 gift card from American Express.

 One winner will receive this Lotsa Dots Cinch Thermal from Thirty-One
And one lucky, LUCKY winner will receive a $50 {yes, F I F T Y} gift card to Lisa Leonard Designs.

Be sure to head over to Alessia's blog to find out how to enter.
I'm off to antique and thrift with my mom.

P.S. The deadline to enter is Saturday, August 20th.  Winners will be announced on Sunday, August 19th...the night before kindergarten {cue in dramatic music}.


  1. I would love to win! If I did I would use the money for a pedicure. . . I am that kind of girl! I got a 1 hour massage for my birthday and am going this week before the fun of the new year begins. I have four kiddos of my own and love to buy things for my classroom. . . so doing something for myself is a real treat!

    Mello’s Memos

  2. New outfits with shoes and jewels...nothing better! :)

  3. Aaah back to school! Although I don't have a job lined up yet I love back to school shopping! I would buy new clothes and shoes! That thermal is sooo cute!!

  4. Pedicure!!!!

  5. Clothes shopping...Love, love, love to shop!!! Great giveaway BTW!
    ☺ Tanya
    First Grade is Fantabulous!

  6. So sweet of you to make sure that teachers take care of themselves. I love to get a massage whenever possible!!!

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  8. I go to the spa the week before school begins to get some R&R {and my toes all 'prettied' up !!!
    grace2u {at} rogers {dot} com

  9. I love Retail Therapy and a pedicure for back to school.....Retail Therapy - new clothes and new cute stuff for my room!


  10. Thanks for the opportunity. Relax and sleep in.


  11. What a great giveaway! I spend the last few days before we go back doing nothing but playing with my kids (4 and 7). We play, play, and play some more before things get hectic. I am a huge fan of Thirty-One bags and would use the gift card for a pedicure! I didn't get to that before school started. Thanks again for such a wonderful giveaway.

  12. What a great giveaway! Thanks for hosting!

    I like to buy myself new clothes and get my hair cut.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  13. Oh, I just love your ideas (LOVED the car detailing)---and it started me thinking about what I do. We ARE creatures of habit, aren't we?

    I would LIKE to say that I get my house in tip-top shape, so that I can sort of 'slide' on the housework for September, and it won't get up and walk away. :) I am trying---not sure how well this will be accomplished this year.

    I also like to have some very high protein things in my refrigerator so that I can snack on them during my 'lunch'. (which is something I don't really get in September---does anyone?). I'm also going to prep a lot of frozen pre-prepped crock pot meals (thank you pinterest!).

    I get my hair done with highlights---put my best face forward ;).

    Thanks for your giveaway! :)


  14. I got my hair cut and for the first time got massage, the man who did it is blind, I was amazyed at how nice it felt. Also finished a book and passed it on to a friend.

  15. Tanya, I love your ideas... I usually shop for clothes for myself and my son, do a deep clean of the house, get my once a year pedi at a salon and stock the house with food!!

  16. As mundane as it may sound, I usually treat myself to a few new back to school outfits (including shoes of course). I also get a new pedicure so my feet look great (and it's a treat for me) in my flip flops! I also stock up on K-cups and Diet Pepsi for school! They get me through the day!

    A is for Apple B is for Blog

  17. Thanks for the sweet giveaway. I'd like to get myself a pair of winter boots.

  18. Our lists are almost the same. I've been looking for new moisturizers so I'm going to look for the ones you posted.

    I always buy these extras to keep in my classroom (for those hectic mornings I'm rushed at home). mascara, tooth brush, mouth wash, deodorant, lip color, mints, healthy snacks.

    I also like to get a new outfit, haircut and comfortable shoes.

    thanks for an amazing giveway

    kinder.cuties @ yahoo dot com

  19. Love your blog and this giveaway! I will "get my hair did"....I feel all the teachers cringing at those words already. They were even hard to type. :) I'll also get my nails done.


  20. Your Giveaway is Awesome!

    I would put it in the tank, throw the kids in the back seat and go for a drive to see what adventure finds us.

  21. Oh my what a great giveaway! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

    Carol T.

  22. I have been working in my classroom nearly everyday in July. I refuse to go in on the weekends making that my fun time! ( I do bring things home sometimes!). Today I ate lunch with my two children, their spouses and 5 grandchildren after church! Then I came home and floated around in the little pool in our 108 degree weather!

  23. Glenda Stephens

  24. I'm moving to a really nice sized room this year, so I've been working to get it ready. I will have a mani/pedi and have my hair cut and colored (let's keep this our little secret) just before school starts. Thank you very much for the opportunity to win these great gifts! Good luck with the new year!
    Lisa Schmidman

  25. Hi,
    I always get myself a new outfit for the first day of school. You know how you feel when you have something new to wear? Also, on the first day of school I do not cook! We are always so exhausted that first day (my hubby teaches middle school). It is so kind of you to offer these wonderful goodies. Thanks for the opportunity and I hope you have a fantastic school year.

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    1. OMG! This is a GREAT GIVEWAY!!! Thank you for this. If I win, I would buy myself some new SCHOOL SHOES<<>>> I would buy two pairs. The first one would be a super cute pair for meet the teacher, and the second one would be a comfy pair to sit under my desk for those got to keep teaching days no matter how much my feet hurt. Thanks again for the chance to win!

  27. I have to admit that your post made me realize that I do nothing for myself to prepare for school - that is so sad. Everything I do is for my kiddos and the classroom. Soooooo with that said - I am going to try to do something special just for myself. That sounds soooo great. I think a pedicure would be wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


  28. Now that I have a little one at home, I like to spend those final days before busy schedules take over with him. I know that this is not exactly a "just for me" kind of thing but it makes me feel a little less guilty spending most of my waking hours away from him. :)


  29. I don't do anything in particular for myself- or should I say I didn't. You are absolutely right though- it is something I will be adding to my back to school list this year and in the future!

  30. I like to get a new haircut/highlights and sometimes a pedicure. I LOVE your blog!!

  31. I usually get my hair highlighted (and low lighted!) to clean up my summer/beach hair! I also like to get a pedicure and a new outfit for my parent meeting night! Thanks for the opportunity- what fun!

    ~ Amy

  32. I make a hair appointment, get a pedi, get a new pair of go-to black flats and go hardcore grocery shopping! All three of which are being done in the next week, because I go back on Monday! =(

    Third Grade in the First State

  33. I get my hair cut and colored, mani/pedi, and buy new makeup.


  34. I have not been good at taking care of me lately! Not good!!! I've stocked up on enough school uniform clothes for my daughter, diapers for my son for his caregiver's house, but nothing for me...yet! Since I'm going back to work from a year long maternity leave, my wardrobe needs a slight facelift. I am going to buy myself some new clothes and get my highlights done. Thanks for your post. I really enjoyed it!

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