Dinosaurs Week 2 & A Snow Day

We have had a BLAST learning about dinosaurs!
Here are just a few things we completed this week.

Dinosaur Lifecycle

Dinosaur Fossils Cut and Glue.
They have theme books for all seasons.

We searched for "fossils" in chocolate chip cookies. 

Paleontologists ALWAYS record their findings...

I'm Paleontologist .  

These triceratops pictures came out so cute!

Cut Apart Sentences

Tybw copy Triceratopsbw Copy I Am a Eating Dinosaur

More comparing ~ this particular Venn Diagram came from Deanna Jump's Dinosaur Unit

Herbivore vs. Carnivore
Printable {This one is an updated version I created}
Herbivore vs Carnivore

Don't ya just love their drawings.  So cute!

Bigger Than, Smaller Than

Bigger than flowers, smaller than mountains

Bigger than a mouse, smaller than a building

Bigger than an octopus, smaller than a rocket ship

Bigger than and bike, smaller than our school
Bigger Than, Smaller Than.

Dinosaur ROAR!

Dinosaur dancing!
Top: Dinosaur slimy!
Bottom: Dinosaur bumpy!
Top: Dinosaur sweet!
Bottom: Dinosaur cute!

We water color painted Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Shadows - Sponge painting is always fun!

Coffee Filter Dinosaurs

We ended our week with a SNOW DAY!!!

Needless to say, we will be ending our Dinosaur Unit {hopefully on Tuesday}.  Then we can celebrate the 100th Day of School!!!


  1. I love the hats! Nothing says paleontologist like a fancy schmancy hat! They had to love that! Of course the lessons looked great, too. ;)

    Lil' Country Kindergarten

  2. Looks like your students had a lot of fun with this unit! Thanks for all the freebies! I just pinned a couple ideas!

    Criss-Cross Applesauce

  3. What fun! I love doing a dinosaur unit too! Where did you get those adorable hats! LOVE!

    ΡΌ Alessia
    Mrs. Albanese’s Kindergarten Class


  4. Thanks ladies! Next up, a coffee ground/flour fossil. Stay tuned for updates.

    @Alessia-I got the hats at Party City. I'm going to check out Oriental Trading for next years class. These hats were $2 each so I only got enough for a "center".

  5. I nominated you for an award. Stop by and check it out!
    Hangin' with Mrs. Cooper

  6. Oh my goodness, I'm obsessed with all the dinosaur fun! We are doing non-fiction writing, and this is perfect! Thanks so much for tagging me last week--I finally was able to respond!! I hope you have time to check it out!


  7. aw, this is just the coolest dino unit!! I love the printables you created!

  8. Wow! I wanted you to know that I LOVE your blog and gave you an award! Come check it out at my site! http://loveluckandlaughter.blogspot.com

  9. I have just set off on researching on dinosaurs myself after observing the keen interest of my little ones at school about dinosaurs. Your work on dinos was just an inspiration for me and I am so looking forward to embark on this journey!!

    Keep up the great work!
    Kindergarten 2 teacher at Theresa Nuzzo School, Zejtun, MALTA

    Check out my class blog to see what me and my kids are up to: missbernicebuhagiar.wordpress.com

    Thanks! xx

  10. Is there a template for the triceratops cut outs? I would love to do this with my class.

  11. Hello,
    I am in love with all your dinosaur stuff. I am not able to download the files. Is there any way you could send them to me?? ELTurner@oxfordsd.org Thanks so much. I am a second year teacher and always look at your stuff for inspiration and help!!