Pimp My Teacher Stool!

My sweet hubby, Chris surprised me one day with this really cool {yet really ugly} 
mechanic's stool he found in the clearance section of the auto parts store for $12.99.  

The next day I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased some fabric, scrapbook paper, 
stickers, and a roll of vinyl magic cover {all under $10.00}.

That evening {as my boys snoozed} I went to work.
An hour and two episodes of Entourage later, voila!
No more ugly mechanic's stool!

My rockin' mobile teacher stool!


  1. This is just too cool!! What is vinyl magic cover, is it an adhesive to go on the fabric? I would love to try it out for some homemade cushions. Thanks so much!
    Kristen :)

  2. Hey Kristen! I actually used the vinyl magic cover on the scrapbook paper to protect it. I don't think you can use it on fabric. I will try it out on come scraps that I have and let you know.